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You Are My Inspiration

March 5, 2020

Have you ever met someone who changed the way you see yourself? Made you rethink what you thought was possible?⁠

For me it’s my very own daughter, Teagan. She was the feistiest, most strong willed child! I questioned daily if God got it wrong. Was I really equipped to be her mother? I wasn’t sure if either one of us would survive her childhood, especially as I was the only parent she had.⁠

I was doing double duty.⁠

I had determined to join HER in her exhilarating zest for life rather than expect or demand she see my value in the mundane chores of everyday living. ⁠

No more chasing her to brush her hair. I gave her a short angled bob haircut that required zero brushing!⁠

Teeth brushing was non-negotiable.⁠

Our after school hours were spent any place that provided wide open space so that she could run it out, kick, hit or throw balls.⁠

I eliminated a lot of frustration and yelling this way.⁠

She went on to be an accomplished athlete and went to college as a student athlete for basketball.⁠

It was when she returned from college to take a teaching position at her alma mater, Calvary Christian Academy that I had my AHA MOMENT.⁠

She invited me to come to hear her teach for the first time to the entire middle school.⁠

I was blown away as I was watched in awe at the young woman on the stage speak so boldly, with such confidence and assurance. She was compelled to touch the lives of all 500 middle schoolers that day!⁠

I saw what was possible that day as I watched my daughter speak in that auditorium. You see I know her struggles. I know her strongholds. I know the battles she has fought and that day I saw the victory she has claimed!⁠

Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.⁠
Proverbs [27:17]

So, thank you, Teagan, for showing me how to live fearlessly! How to be bold and brave in the face of adversity. How to live out MY CALLING to help solo moms!⁠

You are my inspiration?⁠