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It's Time to Put the Joy Back in Parenting…

and Your Life!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the daily decisions you have to make by yourself?

Are you sick and tired of feeling this way?

Are you ready to be living like the strong, confident mom you really are?

Let’s face it- this solo parenting gig is no joke!

I know it wasn’t part of your plan. But that mean doesn’t you have to struggle through your day to day life alone.

Why Mentoring?

Ever wish you could just have someone who has walked the journey you’re on to show you the way?

I’m your mentor at your fingertips for when you just can’t deal anymore… or even better, before you lose it!

Together we’ll work on moving past your fears, anxiety and limiting beliefs and self-talk, so you can start living a life that you actually LOVE again.

We will dig out the old stories that are keeping you from showing up as a wholehearted mama.

You’ll be heard and supported so that you can…

  • Deal with daily stress better
  • Set and stick with healthy boundaries
  • Know your value as a mom and a person
  • Have a more peaceful home and life
  • Be the mama you want to be!

How it Works

The Mama Mentor will be there for you with…

  • Daily support via Voxer, a free walkie-talkie, to get help and encouragement when you need it
  • A 60 minute phone call once a week to go over your progress and help you plan for success for the next week

All this for just $400

The Clarity Call Package is perfect for you if you need help addressing one area of you life, such as: 

  • Setting healthy boundaries for you and your children
  • Creating a routine for self-care that you can actually stick to
  • Processing the emotional struggle of allowing your ex time with your kids for the first time
  • And more!

This package includes a 45 minute phone call plus a week of Voxer support to address a single area of struggle for only $125.

Not ready for a whole month fo support? Feel stuck and want help with just one area of your life?

Frequently Asked Questions

A mentor has been through similar situations as you, and has already seen the other side. I have wisdom to share based on my life experiences of raising 2 kids as a single mom, both of whom are now happy, confident adults.

Kind Words

"It can be very lonely and frustrating being a single mom without support, that’s why I appreciate the time and focus Annie’s put into mentoring me. Showing me that the choices I make will have a lasting impact on my kids." - Kristy

"The Mama Mentor is a valuable resource offering personalized mentoring to tackle the  challenges mothers face. Sound, sage wisdom from a mama who’s been there." - Kathy

"I can always count on Annie to be honest and challenge me." - Kristina

Ready for help always at your fingertips?