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Solo Mom Essentials

What’s The Story You Want To Tell?

Have you ever thought of your life as a story? Maybe not. It might seem like you’re on auto-pilot, not giving much thought to how your day goes, but it goes by fast. Before you know it you’re married with a couple of kids, working a job you don’t like just to make ends meet.…
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Loneliness And Looking For Love

Loneliness for the solo mom is real. At times it can be all consuming. There is a time and place to allow love in your life again. Rearing your children has to be your first priority. Working on healing your soul wounds and becoming whole is essential before looking for a new relationship. 0.75x 1x…
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Boundaries Are Part Of God’s Protection Plan

Growing up I thought I was an extention of my mother. I had no sense of self. No sense of where my mom ended and I began. I can think back now and wonder, was it my birth order? I was the baby in the family. The fourth child of out of four. Was it…
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