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You Are Enough

If my husband didn’t want me, nobody will! ✨ This was my thinking for a long time after my husband left our home. My self-esteem was so low I was convinced I was unlovable. I saw my worth through the lens of a broken person. ✨ It took years to shift this thinking. I poured…
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Gratitude Is Not Just An Atitude

Tis the season to be grateful. The Thanksgiving season promotes the idea of thankfulness. Everywhere you go as you prepare for your own Thanksgiving meal you are reminded to be thankful. The billboards along the highway speak of it. The commercials on TV are marketing it. Even the checkout people at the grocery store wish you…
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The Haves And The Have Nots

Why is it some women seem to have an endless supply of attention from men? Maybe they didn’t even want the husband they had and that’s why they’re divorced. Maybe they didn’t even get married to their baby’s daddy and he still pays all the bills. It seems like some women have all the luck. I…
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Gracefully Broken

Have you ever wondered why rejection hurts so much? The risk of rejection is even greater these days thanks to electronic communications and social media platforms. Who hasn’t misunderstood a text or been “unfriended?” It would seem to me whether you’re the rejecter or the rejected, there is a pain you can’t deny. When the…
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Birds Of A Feather

There is a reason why birds fly in flocks and fish swim in schools. Dogs and cats have litters and we humans have families. We are better together. We were created for community. We were never meant to do life alone. Being a single mom can be a lonely place. Day in, day out, it’s…
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