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You Are Stronger Than You Think

I’ll never be able to raise these kids by myself… I don’t make enough money. ✨ This was my very first thought when my husband left. I only worked 3 days a week at the time and had never paid a mortgage payment in my life! ✨ I didn’t make enough money. I worked nights.…
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Lies Of The Enemy

I used to think that I had to be perfect. The perfect mom, the perfect homemaker, perfect size 8, have perfect hair and makeup and the list goes on… The only thing was, I WASN’T perfect! So that mindset was my biggest setback. That thinking kept me stuck.I was paralyzed to move forward.I was even…
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Accountability Is Key

Have you ever done something dumb, crazy or just plain bad for you and said to yourself, “I’m never going to do that again?”⁠⁠If you have, you know it can be a crazy cycle of beating yourself up for it.⁠⁠I’ve been in this exact spot lately and it’s a crummy feeling. But that situation is…
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Boundaries Are Part Of God’s Protection Plan

Growing up I thought I was an extention of my mother. I had no sense of self. No sense of where my mom ended and I began. I can think back now and wonder, was it my birth order? I was the baby in the family. The fourth child of out of four. Was it…
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Birds Of A Feather

There is a reason why birds fly in flocks and fish swim in schools. Dogs and cats have litters and we humans have families. We are better together. We were created for community. We were never meant to do life alone. Being a single mom can be a lonely place. Day in, day out, it’s…
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