I help
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find their worth.

From a mama who’s been where you’re at, join me as we talk through everything, from financial struggles to finding love.

"Human nature, if it is healthy, demands excitement; and if it does not obtain its thrilling excitement in the right way, it will seek it in the wrong way. God never makes bloodless stoics. He makes passionate saints."

- Oswald Chambers


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What People are Saying

"Now having kids of my own I know my mom didn’t have it easy raising two daughters by herself. But she always put us first. She showed us how to be strong and independent and I know I’m a better mom today because of her example."




"It can be very lonely and frustrating being a single mom without support, thats why I appreciate the time and focus Annie’s put into mentoring me. Showing me that the choices I make will have a lasting impact on my kids.




"The Mama Mentor is a valuable resource offering personalized mentoring to tackle the  challenges mothers face. Sound, sage wisdom from a mama who’s been there."




"I can always count on Annie to be honest and challenge me."


You Get to Choose...

How will your story end? 

Suffer through it and feel worthless,

Or triumph over tragedy by finding your worth!


From the Blog

Mother’s Day Mantra

I don’t even think I need to ask you if you remember that day. You know, the day your life changed forever. One day your life was all about you and from the next day on, it was never about you again. I’m talking about the day you became a mom. Whether you birthed, adopted…
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The Haves And The Have Nots

Why is it some women seem to have an endless supply of attention from men? Maybe they didn’t even want the husband they had and that’s why they’re divorced. Maybe they didn’t even get married to their baby’s daddy and he still pays all the bills. It seems like some women have all the luck. I…
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You Were Born Flawless

The day you were born you were flawless. That’s as good as it gets. From that day on your body begins aging. I’m not sure at what point it starts for a woman but to be sure, we do suffer from the need to be perfect more than men. Clothes left on the bathroom floor would…
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Gracefully Broken

Have you ever wondered why rejection hurts so much? The risk of rejection is even greater these days thanks to electronic communications and social media platforms. Who hasn’t misunderstood a text or been “unfriended?” It would seem to me whether you’re the rejecter or the rejected, there is a pain you can’t deny. When the…
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Apples Or Oranges?

Apples or Oranges? Life is full of choices. You make them all day long, some without even thinking. From the moment you wake up and open your eyes, you have to decide if you’re even going to get out of bed. Now you may be thinking, that’s silly, but it’s true. Many of our decisions…
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A Shattered Family

This was never your plan. You could never have imagined ending up here. So many emotions churning in your head. How do you sort them all out? How do you go on? Sadly, if you find yourself today with a family that’s been shattered, you’re not alone. It has commonly been claimed that half of…
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