About Annie

From the time I was a little girl,
I have always believed life is good.

However, the twists and turns my life has taken threatened to shatter this belief. I was no different than any other little girl growing up. I wanted to wear a pretty white dress, walk down a church aisle, and pledge my undying love to my prince charming. But as life unfolded my teenage years were riddled with emotional conflict, I was struggling with my self-esteem. Eventually I found my answer in England, it was my prince charming. I did wear the pretty white dress, I did walk down the church aisle, and I did pledge my undying love.

Twenty-four years later with two beautiful daughters my fairy-tale was shattered when I became a single mom. I felt helpless. As I watched the fallout of divorce take its effect on my own daughters, I decided that enough was enough. I learned to ask for help - reaching out to the community God had placed around me. As these men and women came alongside me, I watched not only my life, but also the lives of my daughters change.

Now that my daughters are grown, I have come out the other side of motherhood. My daughter Chelsea is married with three children of her own and my daughter Teagan is a teacher with 500 middle schoolers she calls her own.

I am here to share my passion for what I believe is the most important job you will ever have.


I am here to be your Mama Mentor.