I help
single Mamas
find their worth.

From a mama who’s been where you’re at, join me as we talk through everything, from financial struggles to finding love.

"Human nature, if it is healthy, demands excitement; and if it does not obtain its thrilling excitement in the right way, it will seek it in the wrong way. God never makes bloodless stoics. He makes passionate saints."

- Oswald Chambers


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What People are Saying

"Now having kids of my own I know my mom didn’t have it easy raising two daughters by herself. But she always put us first. She showed us how to be strong and independent and I know I’m a better mom today because of her example."




"It can be very lonely and frustrating being a single mom without support, thats why I appreciate the time and focus Annie’s put into mentoring me. Showing me that the choices I make will have a lasting impact on my kids.




"The Mama Mentor is a valuable resource offering personalized mentoring to tackle the  challenges mothers face. Sound, sage wisdom from a mama who’s been there."




"I can always count on Annie to be honest and challenge me."


You Get to Choose...

How will your story end? 

Suffer through it and feel worthless,

Or triumph over tragedy by finding your worth!


From the Blog

Boundaries Are Part Of God’s Protection Plan

Growing up I thought I was an extention of my mother. I had no sense of self. No sense of where my mom ended and I began. I can think back now and wonder, was it my birth order? I was the baby in the family. The fourth child of out of four. Was it…
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Gratitude Is Not Just An Atitude

Tis the season to be grateful. The Thanksgiving season promotes the idea of thankfulness. Everywhere you go as you prepare for your own Thanksgiving meal you are reminded to be thankful. The billboards along the highway speak of it. The commercials on TV are marketing it. Even the checkout people at the grocery store wish you…
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Feeling The Weight Of Loss

They say the one thing we can count on in life is change. Every second of every minute of every hour, life is changing. This is a good thing. I can’t imagine a life where time stands still and there is no forward motion. There would be no adventure, no excitement, no joy or the thrill…
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I Do I Do I Do

Oh, that day. The day most little girls dream of, fantasize about and play out in their mind. The day they say “I Do.” They may not have a boyfriend but you can be sure that every girl has thought about more than once what kind of wedding she wants. What kind of engagement ring…
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Love Waits

Love waits and waits and waits. Does it feel that way for you? I know I feel that way. Do you listen to sappy love songs and wonder when it’s going to be your turn on the merry-go-round of love? Or did you just jump off that carnival ride? Whether you were married or with…
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Through Their Eyes

We are all waiting for something. If you don’t believe me ask anybody, a friend or a coworker, what are you waiting for? It seems that expectation and anticipation are common themes throughout our lives. Our days are riddled with expectations. We even expect we will wake up in the morning, or at least we hope to.…
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